Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mary Kay Products Haul y Reseña #MKGlam

Hola hoy les dejo un video de Haul de todas las cositas que me llegaron en la caja VoxBox de Influenster. Esta vez llena de productos de la marca Mary Kay #MKGlam, en el video les muestro los productos al igual que les hablo de como me fue cuando use cada uno de ellos. 

Disfrutenlo y dejen sus opiniones abajo Gracias! 

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Experience: T-Secret Spa Facial. Orlando

A month ago i was given the opportunity to check out a local Spa in Orlando called T-Secret. I  got the pleasure to be worked on by the lovely esthetician Jane Johnson, who I have to say gave me the more deep, thorough facial I've ever had in my life! I’d like to give you a quick run through my experience!

T-Secret is a spa that operations on one philosophy: “Problem skin can look better with the use of Acnecare natural treatment products in combination with our signature Tamahra’s Secert Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment protocols”. The menu only has one facial on the menu, but it is a facial that you will never forget. The facial is more a treatment than the relaxing facial you are probably accustomed to, but if you want results, then you need to keep reading.

The spa is located in the heart of College Park on Edgewater Drive. When you arrive, your esthetician will guide you to a room in the back of the building where you will be provided with a gown, warm socks and a nice comfy reclining chair. From there you ready to get started!

First up, cleaning and prepping where they use only alkaline water to minimize the presence of bacteria. Then all of the products used are manufactured at a local lab containing no chemicals, preservatives, colors or fragrances. I liked that there was not big splash of water or shuffling of products, Jane has the system so down pack that the process felt very fluent and smooth.

After the cleaning and prepping comes the steaming! You go through steaming for about 20 minutes (three seven minute sessions) this is done the old fashion way, boiling water over a bucket and a towel over your head. I must say that I was surprised when Jane pulled out the little cart with the bucket, but after it was all finished I truly understood why she did it. You get all of your face and neck steamed with no cold spots that could close up pores as with a regular machine steaming. Jane also helped me adjust my body and position so that I could get comfortable during the process.

Next up, the biggie: Extractions! T-Secret prides themselves for being great at extractions, and I can say, “yes they are!” Jane had covered my skin with a gel prior to steaming and then right after she covered me with saran wrap to help keep my skin moist and pores open. I love that she didn’t use a metal extraction tool and was gentle, but firm with my face.

After the extractions, there are a series of simply amazing products layered onto your skin for masking, all made to especially calm and soothe the skin. I was able to feel how everything Jane placed on my skin was working together and I can imagine if you deal with frequent breakouts on your face that this part is going to feel like heaven! after masking, your get clean moisturized and are all done!

This is my skin after one month of having the T Secret signature facial, and I have to tell you that this treatment cleaned my skin amazingly! I've felt like all of my skin products are actually working now that my pores have been cleansed so thoroughly. The picture shows me with zero, yes zero makeup on! And as you can see in my after, my skin looks radiant and smoother. This treatment is totally worth it!

To all my fabulous readers Jane has a special offer for you when you call and book with her. This 2 hour facial for only $100.00.  Just mention that you read about it here at Beauty by Cat Blog.

Please check out the links below to read more about T-Secret, see photos of skin transformations and get their fabulous line of natural products.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beauty of Spring – La Belleza de la Primavera

         This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with #NeutrogenaBelleza #LatinaBloggers Connect   All opinions are 100% my own

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✐ Oh Spring! How I missed you! Even though you will be short lived, I want to let you know that you are my favorite season of the year. The chilly days are gone and now I get to enjoy your sunny days with little to no humidity (basically heaven!) I love you Spring so much that two years ago I got married in the month of April in which you so kindly gave us a perfect day! 

But for real, beside the no humidity aspect of Spring, I truly love all the trends that start popping out in stores around this time; flowers, light fabrics, dresses and pastel colors. Have you heard of the Pantone's color of the year? Radiant Orchid. Yes, love it!

Speaking about radiant, what about our skin? Since I'm planning to be outside more I'll be using my Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear with SPF20 like crazy. It's such a great foundation, it provides natural-looking coverage while evening your skin tone; and it seriously stays on my face all day without any powder on top, who wants a caked face anyways? This time of year is all about having a flawless complexion with no effort!

On today's #NeutrogenaBelleza look I not only used this foundation but my my Neutrogena crease proof eye shadow in Forever Platinum a creamy stick shadow that instantly brightens the eyes. I used it on the inner corner of my eye and added a bit of purple on the outside and crease area. Totally inspired by this year color Radiant orchid!

And to continue keeping it  simple and Spring fresh, I added several layers of my Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara, some pink blush and made my lips baby pink with Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in sweet watermelon. This stick gives a sheer shiny color and moisturizes with mango and shea butter. Oh and the smell sooo sweet and wonderful!  

That's all for the look, without liner or strong contours. This Spring I want to look good without effort, just like the Neutrogena Makeup Wipes, which I use to remove my makeup at night. I'm a new user but I'm hooked! (read more about them here) 

So tell me what are you looking forward wearing this Spring?  I love your feedback ♥

Español / Spanish
✐ Oh primavera como te ¡extrañe! Aunque sé que no te vas a quedar por mucho tiempo, quiero decirte que eres mi época favorita del año. Sin más días fríos, comenzamos a disfrutar del sol de la Florida con poca a nada de humedad (el cielo en tierra!) Es más me fascinas tanto Primavera que hace 2 años me case justo en el mes de Abril y debo decir que me diste un dia ¡perfecto!

Pero en serio a parte de la poca humedad que hay en esta época, a mí me encantan todos lo que empiezan a aparecer en primavera, las tendencias, las flores, las telas suavecitas, los vestidos y por supuestos los tonos pasteles. Oyeron del color del año anunciado por Pantone?  Orquídea Radiante, huuu me encanta!
Y hablando de radiante, ahora que voy a estar más afuera estaré utilizando NeutrogenaNourishing Long Wear SPF 20, como loca! esta base tiene una cobertura natural y reduce la apariencia de decoloraciones y manchas, algo que el sol siempre afecta. Y no solo eso sino que se queda en la piel todo el día, yo tengo la piel combinación y no tuve que echarme muchos polvos o retocarme.  Es perfecta para una apariencia natural y saludable.

Justo hoy para mi look  #NeutrogenaBelleza utilice no solo la base, sino mi Neutrogena crease proof eyeshadow en Forever Platinum una sombra cremosa en barra que ilumina los ojos instantáneamente. Yo la concentre en la parte de adentro del ojo y agregue un poco de morado en la parte de afuera, totalmente inspirado en el color del año Orquídea Radiante!

Y para seguir la frescura del look  use varias capas de la Neutrogena Healthy volumen mascara, en negro, un rubor rosadito y labios también pasteles usando este lápiz de labios Moisturesmooth color stick en Sweet Watermelon, este bálsamo contiene manteca de karite y mango que acondicionan y da un aspecto de color y brillo en los labios. Y ni se diga de su olor wow quede tan sorprendida cuando lo abrí, no me esperaba que oliera tan rico súper dulce!

Y ya, sin delineados fuertes ni contornos difícil. En esta primavera quiero verme fresca y  sin mucho esfuerzo; justo como las toallitas de limpieza de Neutrogena las cuales uso para quitarme el maquillaje por las noches,  soy nueva usándolas pero ya soy Fan! (lean más de ellas aquí)

Buenos chicas déjenme saber ¿qué es lo que les gusta más de la época de primavera? Me encanta leer sus comentarios ♥

Friday, April 4, 2014

Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick Review & Giveaway!

(Product was sent for review consideration, I am not being compensated. All opinions are my own) 

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✐ Does this ever happen to you? You have a product that you like for the most part, you use it and then you abandon it… later you re-discover it and all of the sudden now you love it!  Well that’s exactly what happened to me with the Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick.

This Vitamin E stick protects your lips and eyes contains the healing power of Vitamin E and Sun protection SPF 15. It’s colorless so it can be used under or on top of your lipstick; and it’s also excellent protection for the under-eye area.  Good for both men and women.

I use it most of the time at night; I keep a stick in my bathroom and instead of applying an eye cream I use it around my eyes before I go to bed. Yep and let me tell you, using it in this way has made me totally fall in love with it!  It’s so easy to apply, nice and creamy. It made the area around my eyes feel much more hydrated and soft. And because I use it before I go to bed I’m not worried that it feels semi greasy because in the morning I clean my face and then use a regular cream on my eye area.

The Vitamin E Stick also works great as a lip balm, but to be honest I haven’t used it as much as I’ve used it around my eye area. I’m the worst offender of putting lip balm before lipstick because I always forget L.
At $4.00 a stick, I 100% recommend this product if you want a quick alternative to an eye cream at night. It saves this busy mom some time during my night routine without sacrificing looking great in the morning!

And hey, if you have some good luck you have a chance to win it as part of a giveaway collaboration the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers are hosting!  Win $61 worth of Reviva Labs Goodies including the lip balm, a light skin peel, a seaweed soap and more.  Use the information below to enter and good luck!

Español / Spanish
✐ No les pasa a ustedes que tienen un producto, lo usan les gusta más o menos, lo abandonan, después lo descubren otra vez los empiezan a usar y ahora les ¡encanta! Jejejej... eso fue exactamente lo que me paso con la barra de Vitamina E de Reviva Labs.

Esta barra de protección de labios y ojos, contiene el poder medicinal de la vitamina E y protector solar de 15 FPS. No contiene color, y se puede usar debajo o encima del labial; al igual que en la zona de los ojos. Bueno para mujeres y hombre.

En mi caso tengo unas de las barritas en el baño y todas las noches la uso como contorno de ojos antes de dormir, debo decir que esta manera de usarla me ha hecho enamorarme de ella. La facilidad de aplicación y su cremosidad ha hecho que mi zona de ojos se sienta muchísimo más hidratada y suave. Y como es para ir a dormir no me preocupa que se sienta semi grasosa, ya que en la mañana yo me limpio el rostro y no me aplico esta barra sino que me coloco un contorno normal de ojos.

Su función como barra labial también es buena, pero para serles sincera no le he dado tanto uso como en la zona de los ojos. Soy la peor culpable ya que siempre se me olvida ese paso antes del labial.
Pero por $4.00 la barra, recomiendo esta barrita de vitamina E al 100% si eres flojita como yo en la noche te va a venir de ¡maravilla!

Y hey si tienes suerte hasta te la puedes ganar, en el Giveaway colaborativo con la Blogueras de Belleza de la Florida Central. Gana una canasta de productos de Reviva Labs valorados en $61.00! Usa el formulario de abajo para entrar ¡Suerte! 
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